The emergence of Artificial Intelligence tools is occurring at a rapid pace. To showcase the variety of AI tools that exist, we’ve compiled a list below. It features examples of tasks AI can assist with and examples of tools that can perform those tasks.

Please note: We have not explored the example tools in depth to evaluate their suitability for use. They are simply included here to showcase the variety of tools that exist and are available for use.

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What tasks can AI assist with? Examples of AI Tools
Writing assistance: AI can assist with paraphrasing, summarizing, rewording, and restructuring writing.Penelope AI
ReWrite it
Hemmingway Editor
Content generation (text-based): AI can generate text-based content for personal, professional, and academic uses. Using specific prompts, it can help turn content into bulleted lists, explain concepts, generate information about a topic, list advantages and disadvantages, and brainstorm a list of ideas.ChatGPT
Google Bard
Microsoft Bing Chat
Task simplification: AI can help neurodivergent people with tasks such as detecting tone or emotion,  breaking tasks down, estimating activity time frame, turning brain dumps into action, or creating recipes from
Summarize resources: AI can assist with generating concise summaries of lengthy articles, documents, or YouTube videosEightify
Math assistance: AI can solve equations uploaded by photo, provide an explanation of the answer, answer follow up questions, and generate additional practice questionsMathly
Debates: AI can assist with debating a topic by inputting a prompt and receiving for and against debate responsesOpinionate
Mind mapping: AI can create interactive concept maps to assist with
Language support: AI can assist with language translation.QuillBot
Image generation: AI can create images and graphics based on text promptsMidjourney
NightCafe Studio
Adobe Firefly
Deep Dream
Stable Diffusion
starryai (avatars)
Image adjustment: AI can add to, remove, or replace elements within an existing image with a quick text promptAdobe Photoshop Generative Fill (demonstration)
Storytelling and presentations: AI can generate presentations, outlines, short stories, and storyboards for you, including both text and imagesTome (presentations)
Sendsteps (presentation)
AI Story (story generator)
Audio and podcasting: AI can create podcast show notes, improve audio quality, or change voices to different stylesSwell AI
Adobe Podcast
Koe Recast
Video creation and editing: AI can use an image, video clip, or text prompt to generate a video and can erase things from a video.Runway
Synthesia (avatar videos)
Academic research: AI can assist with understanding literature by answering questions about an article, finding research articles that match questions asked, and managing reference listsResearch Rabbit
Question generator: AI can use content that is submitted to write essential questions, learning objectives, and generate aligned multiple choice questions which can exported to common tools such as Moodle, Kahoot, QuizletQuestionWell
Meeting notes: AI can transcribe and summarize meeting discussionsMagical

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Looking for more AI tools to explore? Futurepedia is a directory of AI tools that is updated daily and can be filtered by popular themes to help narrow down your search.

Did you know?

TRU Library created Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Students which covers how Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be used responsibly and ethically in student work, how to critically evaluate content created by generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT), and how to acknowledge and cite AI.