This is such an active area of writing and speaking and we intend to keep this area updated with additional information to help you make good choices about generative AI.

On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots” is an important early critical article on generative AI that asks us to think about how effectively these tools really work with language.

In “ChatGPT Can’t Kill Anything Worth Preserving,” John Warner invites us to use the moment to think about assessment design.

Resisting Techno-Panic” asks us to try to see past both panic and hype to evaluate artificial AI fairly.

The Social Life of AI in Education” offers a framework for resisting the media narratives about how AI will impact education.

Universities with exceptional AI resources include:

UNESCO also has a number of useful resources on the intersection of artificial intelligence in education.

TED’s AI Playlist has talks on a range of perspectives that might be useful to frame discussions with students.

University of Melbourne research report titled, “How is generative AI being used by university students and academics?”