LT&I Resources

The Learning Technology & Innovation team has been thinking a lot about how the advent of generative AI will impact (or already is impacting!) education.

For a deep-dive on a number of issues at the core of a decision to use or not use generative AI, check out our Digital Detox. The 2023 iteration of this annual project focused on generative AI, with essays exploring foundational concepts, early applications of AI in education, inequity and bias, generative AI and writing assignments, evaluation and teacherly judgement, AI detection tools, and the future of higher education.

In March 2023, Brenna was invited to speak to the Learning Continuity Working Group of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills about machine learning and artificial intelligence. The slides and speaking notes are archived for future reference.

The LT&I podcast, You Got This!, has had several episodes about generative AI:

CELT was generous enough to make space in their CELTalk schedule for us to talk about the ethical ramifications of AI use.